About South Florida Food Tours

Hi everyone and welcome to the official South Florida Food Tours Website! We look forward to taking you on a stroll through my neighborhood where you will get to enjoy some of our favorite spots. You will receive VIP treatment, the restaurants will be expecting us!

Meet The Creator

Christine Ferris

Creator of South Florida Food Tours

Before being able to call myself a local of Pompano Beach, I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia where I was fortunate enough to grow up across the street from my great grandparents who were originally from Italy. My great grandfather was a chef in multiple restaurants and hotels on the Northeast coast, ranging from Boston to Philadelphia. He left Italy at a very young age and traveled on to Paris where he then worked and trained as a chef. He was retired before I was born. Therefore, he spent most of his days cooking at home along with my great grandmother in her own separate kitchen cooking as well.

The aroma of fresh homemade sauce, as we called it “gravy”, using tomatoes as well as fresh herbs from their garden was a constant lingering scent. I helped my grandmother make “homemade’s”, gnocchi, ravioli, manicotti, as well as meatballs and brasciola. It was not always about the food, it was about family. Food just brought the family together, it kept the family together. Til this day, I enjoy hosting the same Sunday Family Feast the way my grandparents did for us.

Along with the many other families that took to the south for the weather, my family and I now currently reside in Pompano Beach, one of the last towns in South Florida that still has that small town America vibe.